Banana, banana, banana

這幾天一直食欲不振,見飯即反胃,一下子稀粥成爲生命之柱,加上香蕉–恐怕衆生果中我的第一選擇。媽媽常說,要多吃生果,身體抵抗力才好。鬼唔知乜,不過一見到生果要削皮吐籽,就撒手兼領頭啦。香蕉好,香蕉方便,我返回到猿人的世界,吃起香蕉黎,話唔埋會好似King Kong甘錘錘胸膛,咆哮下。
I don’t know it is the right time or not for myself to get a fever. It’s weird though. The body temp. drops after a night’s sleep. But before bedtime, it rises again. What has got into me? Today when I think of having bananas for lunch, I suddenly think–will I grow hair on my chest just like the gorilla because I enjoy having bananas? LOL Among all the fruits, I’d choose banana because it is convenient to eat without peeling and throwing out the seeds. From an aesthetic standpoint, the shape of banana is special too for most fruits are round or oval subjected to size. Haha, I must be romanticizing.
Ok, I shall give myself one-week’s time to observe my situation before visiting the doc. I don’t know since when I dislike going to the doc’s. I thought I only dislike the dentist, but now all doc. are evil. But deep down I know, I’m just scared the needles and injection. Without a doubt, little KC is way braver than adult KC. LOL   

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