Her Wicked Life 3

She dreamed about her grandma last night. When she looked at the calendar today, she found out it was actually Qing Ming Festival–the Chinese traditional holiday for people to mourn for the ancestors or the passed-aways. What a coincidence!!! She was a bit superstitious, believing the meeting with her grandma may imply something, especially she remembered her grandma was leaving her in pain in her dream.
Back to the reality. She is toasted these days. She must have been under unprecedented pressure that her vulnerability is finally given in to the evil of sickness. The lurking fever has bothered her day and night. The headache has become her body guard at daytime while the nausea is the best treat ever she can get after almost every meal. The more she is afraid of puking, the less food she tries to touch. Finally, she limits herself down to the alternatives between bananas and congee and a little bit of bread. But she is very cautious. She’s completely worn out. She dares not to walk around in the office for fear her black-out will strike her at any time, according to her past experience. Ha! It’s ironic that she said to herself that she felt like having drunk six glasses of rum&coke straight, or if quicker, three glasses straight of long island ice tea. Yep, that’s indeed how she feels today. She gotta walk close to the wall or something that can support her when she faints…
The pace of the world is dizzy and swift, but nothing comes more so than the news she heard. Her chief editor is about to resign, leaving the company next Friday.
Her world is completely dark and disoriented. She spent a long time surfing the web for the right desktop wallpapers. It takes so long…so long…so long… Eventually she finds a plain black background wallpaper on which is written "What do you see?" Ha!!! Pretty ironic, isn’t it?
Why? In the darkness of her world, she cannot see anything. In the misty path of her future, she cannot see anything either. What can she see is the protection she gets in the dark. That’s probably why she feels good about the wallpaper she chose.
She has been working for this auto publication for almost one year. If not because of the appreciation and encouragement from the person who hired her, she wouldn’t have stay in the firm; if not because of the friendly collegiality she has with her chief editor, she wouldn’t have increased so much interest in her job; above all, if not because of the closer touch with her dream car Beetle, she wouldn’t have grown so much enthusiasm. All in all, the person who hired her has gone, and the one who has taught her a lot about her job will leave the firm in no time. She’s sentimental right now. How come those who are considered to be important and respected to her will leave before she does? She doesn’t get it. Well, she does, for the sake of their own future, but not on her standpoint.
A person who arrives at the firm about six months earlier than her will replace the present chief editor. Ha! It’s hilariously ironic. The result is so unexpected. It’s none of the options that the present chief editor has proposed. She doesn’t get it why it would be this totally ‘outsider’; the present chief editor doesn’t get it either; the art editor is even disappointed and upset. She didn’t mind at first; but the more she knows how the management runs in the firm, the more uneasy she feels. She worries how to get along with this "outsider" who has no experience to work monthly magazine, who will be her boss, directing her what to do each month. OMG!!! She cannot think even more horrible than what has already pictured in her mind.
She worries–worries about her one-week vacation; worries about her health; worries about the relation between she and her dad; worries about her communication with her new boss; worries about her assignments…
They are all on her plate. How will she get over it?
(To be continued…)

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