Chinese Medicine With Candies

It must have been ages that I haven’t been to the doctor’s. On the afternoon of April 7, 2006, I finally went to visit the Chinese herbal doctor, in the hope of getting some treatment on my appetite and fatigue and dizziness. I waited for my turn–I was the second patient of the doctor’s afternoon appointments. She was patient enough to listen to my complaint about my uncomfortableness. I was kinda hopeless when mentioning my appetite. She smiled and checked my tongue, later she measured my blood pressure. "Your blood pressure tends to be lower than normal," she said. OMG! She found it, she found it, she found my lurking problem. LOL Actually I’d already known I had low blood pressure. So I didn’t give a big deal about it. I also knew my low blood pressure had something to do with my constant dizziness and headache. That’s what I diagnose myself the aftermath of a mild cerebral concussion–slight migraine.
Anyway, what amazed me at the doctor’s was a computer in front of her. In my memories, there was no computer at the doctor’s desk, especially the traditional Chinese medical doc. But what I saw was really amazing. The doctor typed the prescription on her keyboard in addition to write it down on my record book. When I paid for the bill, a list of Chinese herbal med. names was given to me. Mom said that’s modern technique. Ha! Shallowed me! I remembered last time, which was a number of years ago, I went to the doctor’s, I still had no idea what was the composition of the medicine I got. But this time was quite different. Patients have the right to know every detail of the medicine they get. Mom told me many of which in the list were familiar to her and she used some of them when making her delicious soup. Ha! No wonder I have such a good appetite with my mom’s yummy soup. It’s not hard to figure it out, isn’t it?
Alas…having the yucky medicine is like going back to my childhood days. (A Chinese doc once made a metaphor to my American friend that the Chinese medicine was like Chinese coffee.) But I am sure the Chinese coffee is better than this pitch-dark bitter stuff, at least we can add sugar and milk into the coffee. I brought a chocolate with me. Mom also gave me a candy. Gosh! If not because of the award after torture, I didn’t think I could drink it down so successfully. Mom said what a wimp I was when seeing the ungly face I showed after swallowing that black stuff. Well, to some extent, I am still a kid, for example, drinking Chinese medicine. I gotta get my candies immediately after the torture.
Will the med. cure me or kill me? We’ll see. LOL

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