Fast Scanner of Letters

Speaking of scanner, what can you picture?
Ha huh, a device, an electronic device which helps us to scan pictures or images to our computers.
Well, I am telling you–I am getting to realize I have become a scanner of reading letters with the combination of my hands and eyes and mind. Moreover, I am a good quality one. I can detached at least 5 letters within two second and scanned over 100 letters within 60 seconds. How well can this scanner comprehend? Check out the notes I take and the highlights I draw in the letters, then you’ll see I am a groovy fast scanner of letters.
If I am not a scanner of some sort, I must’ve become a robot of categorizing letters. Cut the envelopes–take out the letters from the envelopes–organize them by months–read them–select the ones need to be responsed–jot down the questions to reply–reply to some of the letters–put them into different sizes of envelopes–seal the envelopes–send them. Wow…what a systematic process! The program in the robot’s mind is well functioned. Thus the robot can reach the incomparable speed.
Robot is robot, robot is a machine; scanner is scanner, scanner is a device. However, what human beings different from them are we have feelings. I feel tired of being programmed. I am tired of wasting my time on the repetition of one task. When I am miffed, I feel like destroying things. Yes, just like HULK the monster; King Kong or the ogre Shriek. Anger is just a feeling, we don’t need to express it into action. But it seems I will feel better if I do. I guess a yo-yo won’t work with me.

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