Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Today should be the last day the chief editor working with us. Um…a little bit melancholic to start with. Well from next week on, someone who is my contemporary will take charge of the chief editor’s job. Probably it will be a completely new ball game.
I have been working ahead of the future issues of CE:Teens. Don’t know where this energy  comes from, but I just keep working and working. I’ve finished the travel column on Tibet and the news column of July issue. What’s left should not be a difficult task for me. Probably I think by completely buring myself into work, I can temporarily leave the trivial stuff or hassles behind.
Thank God it’s Friday!!! I went to bed pretty early these days. I may say my bed time has broken the history record of mine. I feel weary after work and before 9 P.M. I’ve already on the verge of collapsing in bed. So when a friend invited me to his party, I am really worried I cannot stay up late anymore.
Alas, that’s my life!!! I can’t say it’s dull but it’s a bit monotone. I feel like waiting for something to happen at the checkpoint of my life. I miss my long vacation in school days; I miss working on the creative projects on campus; will the day arrive when I am ready to accept exams? I reckon my past adversity has been flickering in the path through my future. Yesterday when I got back my passport within an Indonesia visa, I was moved. If only someday I could collect more official stamps on my passport from different countries–the European Schengen Visa, Russia, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, or UK, US and Canada will be even better. I must’ve lost my mind!!! However, in reality, I have been seriously thinking about working for National Geographic Traveler these days. I’ve read this mag for a few times and am enthralled by the description and pictures in it. The headquarters of the mag. is in Beijing though. But it also has Shanghai and Guangzhou offices. I don’t know what I can do for a Chinese mag. authorized by a well-known and huge American media multinational corporation. Perhaps I shall switch my interest from English publication to photographing–another cup of my tea.
So many thoughts about my future these days…a lot of assumption, dreams, frustration and lost… If I don’t choose to end my life right way, I gotta work out a better one for myself. Does it make sense?

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