Andrew Scenario

I was fortunate to meet a Yale graduate at work. His name is Andrew who is teaching at Zhongshan Univ.–a well-known university in South China. This should be the 5th Andrew I have known. For some strange reason, I am fond of the name "Andrew." Ha, probably I shall name my future St. Bernard "Andrew." Then Andrew will be around with me all the time.
Why am I partial to the name "Andrew"?
Well, this is quite personal. In fact, different "Andrew" I have met or known leaves various impression on me. The first "Andrew" I have ever known or heard of is from New York. He’s a brilliant guy based on what I heard, especially in DIY errands and ice hockey. He has brown hair and blue eyes (my ideal complexion). Since then, Andrew has become a fantasizing name to me–I want so much to see the real person and find out if everything I heard is identical in reality. Alas, either I have to fly to NY or Andrew has to come to China. The previous possibility is almost out of the quesition.
The second "Andrew" I know is a cyberfriend from Hong Kong. For seeing him, I visted Hong Kong for the first time. And he turned out to be a knowledgeable young gentleman. He was considerate and friendly to me. I remember he has sent me chocolates made in Belgium, cup and bear doll, scarf and wallet. AMOF, I sent him a set of Parker ink pen when I met him in HK. Unfortunately, our friendship didn’t last long. In the end of the story, I sent him two disappointed letters respectively. In my memory, the last one was written in HK with tears. From then on, I began to suspect whether boy and girl can just be ordinary friends without getting closer. I assumed Andrew’s walk-away without leaving any word boils down to the fright of the closer friendship. Since then, Hong Kong has become a melancholic place to me. I try not to think about my first visit there whenever I am in HK but I fail. But no matter what, I wish this HK Andrew is in God’s good graces.
The third "Andrew" is an ABC, aka American born Chinese, who used to teach at Columbia Univ. and HK Univ. He’s a computer wiz. His approach to access to new media, aka the Internet, is leading and innovative. Although I just had a brief meeting with him and a short period spending with his wife who is working for Asian Wall Street Journal, I have high respect for him as much as for his wife, who is also a postgraduate from Columbia Univ.
The fourth "Andrew" is another Ivy-Leaguer from Princeton. His red-hair and height impressed me at first. Then his fluent Chinese shocked me. His bravery to have goose feet astonished me. I surmise if I could spend time with him longer, my Chinese-English translation would have improved rapidly.
The fifth "Andrew" is the one from Yale, majoring Chinese literature. I love his NYC accent. He knows a great deal about history and literature. He is amiable and fun to chat with. Again, I believe my Chinese-English will thrive with his help. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, this Andrew also has blue eyes and brown hair. 🙂 Sweet!
Okay, I feel better now after spilling out the "buried words" in my heart about the name "Andrew." My head seems to be lighter because I don’t need to remember something which was written. Ha! Should I call my St. Bernard Bethoven or Andrew? Wait and see…

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