Packing & Moving

(I was about to finish this entry, but there was something wrong with the Internet Explorer. So I gotta rewrite. Shite!)
Now I realize what a hassle it is to pack everything in the house before moving. In fact, packing for my one-week vacation is just a warm up. My friend once said to me that he always dreamed he could board a plane without bringing any luggage. Well, in my case, I always fantasize I can live in a big house with only a few pieces of furniture–probably a bed, a comfy sofa, a table and a wardrobe. So to speak, the house should offer much empty space.
However, it’s usually not difficult to see that the longer we live in a place, the more odds and ends are stored in the house. That’s what I am facing right now. I really don’t know where to start with. Probably I am too organized to remember where the exact items are stored. During packing, I found many stuff that I haven’t used for ages.
Traveling is a wonderful experience. But the planning and packing before the trip and the laundry washing after the trip are really a pain in the neck. I am a last-minute person to get ready for the trip. How ironic it is that usually things I bring with me I don’t get a chance to use them; while things I haven’t brought with me are the things I need. So in recent trips, I took almost everything that I thought I might use. In the end my backpack was definitely overweight!!! 
Now I am heading for Indonesia next week. What shall I bring? I know exactly what I need but whenever I see the things I should bring on my list, my desire to pack is just gone. Why do problems always come together? I have to pack my bag for my vacation as well as for moving out the flat in the shortest time. 
Dad once reminded me and said, "When you go out, don’t forget to take three things with you–keys, money and cellphone." Fine, I get it by heart and remind myself of what dad said to me every single time I go out. Do you think it will work if I just bring these three things to travel?
Packing is definitely a headache!!!  

3 thoughts on “Packing & Moving

  1. what i did when i took my trip to switzerland….we even brought food~~~cos the things there r damn expensive~~~
    good luck

  2. Thanks! I don\’t have much money to bring so I have to bring a lot of things that I have, so I don\’t need to spend much money. Ha!

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