Fast Learner vs Quick Packer

Ha, does this title intrigue you? If I tell you that I am a fast learner as well as a quick packer, will you believe it?
WHAT IS THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE TWO? The fast learning part of me said, "Hey slow down, quick packer! Let me finish learning the basics about how to operate this camcorder before packing the stuff." "Oh, no way! Why not you wait till I finish packing then you learn," countered the quick packing side of me.
The flat is in a mess right now. The instructions, wires, batteries and guidebooks are scattered on the tables; magazines and newspapers are placed everywhere; luggages and bags are piled up in the corridor–the only space of the small flat; the wardrobe and half of bookshelf look like being looted; things on the computer desk are placed untitily. The fast learner and quick packer has to walk cautiously for fear she would step on something fagile or tripped in the flat. 
HOW IS THE PACKING? I’ve packed clothes and the major stuff for my trip; and packed most of the books and some part of my clothes for moving house. All was done in one night. I’ll keep on though.
THE SIDE-EFFECTS: I was exhausted. Getting up in the morning has become the toughest part of my day. The Internet connection doesn’t work. So I gotta do something about it. Well, I guess I will just collapse at the beach by the time I get to Bali. 

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