Her Wicked Life 5 (the end)

It’s time to say goodbye to her wicked life.
She broke up with her bf recently and was planning to change her job. She was tied up with her moving now. She realized traveling didn’t change her troubles in life but did change her attitude to face trouble. After spending a peaceful vacation in Maldives, she’s calmer than any period of her life to handle with the obstacles of life. That can be the best consolation she benefits from her trip. Not until she experienced one heartbroken breakup, didn’t she understand it was easier said than done to forget the pain it cost. For one thing, she missed what she used to have with someone who could share; for another, she felt relieved that she was once again carefree without caring about the other’s feelings and need. 
She’s been wanting to change her life style. However, as older she gets, she begins to realize that there are many things clinging to her that makes it tougher for her to be a cosmopolitan. But she still hopes, yearning for being loved and buiding up her own dream life with or without a right man. She still hopes, longing to be alone with her beloved Beethoven in a little hut facing the blue blue sea. She still hopes, picturing herself composing great stories one after another by the seashore.
She’s moving to another apartment in no time. To some extent, she anticipate that changing the living enviorment will herald a new lease of life. Weird enough though, people always wanna get away from the unhappiness by trying something new and fresh. Quite contrary to her normal preference to black or dark colors of garments, she chooses bright colors these days. Bright colors do help to alleviate tension and heavy mood. Furthermore, the music! The music theropy always helps in this regard. Instead of saying she doesn’t understand herself quite well, when it comes to melancholy, she knows quite well how to handle it.
What life can be more wicked than hers? Her heart and soul was wounded. Her life was toasted. Only time might be of help to heal her emotional trauma. Only new experience might be of help to bring back her enthusiasm of living. Only herself can fully understand what a bumpy life it was and it will be, that every bumpy valley is a good lesson for her.
Life moves on, she keeps her belief and snails down the path with her shadow…
(The end)

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