A New Lease of LIFE

Hi there!
How’s going? It’s been a while that I haven’t updated my news. Likewise, I haven’t heard from you for ages. Anyway, hope all is well with you. Let’s cut it short. Here is what I’ve been doing. Enjoy!
I am still working as an English editor for Crazy English Teens, a nationwide English-Chinese magazine for teenagers (mainly aged 13-21). Our former chief editor, who was my mentor to my first job after graduation, resigned a month ago. A decisive contemporary replaced the seat of chief editor. Our art editor is taking leave for giving birth. So the current situation of CE:Teens is sort of in a tight corner in my opinion. Fortunately, our new team members get along well so far despite we do have divergence occasionally. It’s a bit sentimental to me to end the collegiality with our former chief editor, who has taught me a lot of editorial skills. Changing partnership is a good try though. I anticipate there will be sparks of inspiration in our future issues of CE:Teens through our new coorperation. I really wish that, at least there’ll be some sort of great achievement happen before I leave this corporation. The sales of CE:Teens now has been increased exponentially. The circulation has covered most part of mainland China, reaching 140,000 copies. If anyone of you, whose mother tongue is English, would like to do some moonlighting in Guangzhou, aka Canton, I strongly recommend you to record for us. Each issue of our mag includes a CD or a tape, articles in which are recorded by English native speakers expatriated in Guangzhou.
Too bad, I am not most wanted in recording. 🙂 My moonlighting is actually translation. Editors are not supposed to translate the articles but I do it anyway. I enjoy the columns I am assigned to, so I must’ve liked my translation tasks. Occasionally, I’d do some tour guide work for my pocket money, not much though. And it can be sometimes harsh.
I spent a week’s time traveling to Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia. That’d be the highlight of my monotone life. Both places are magnificent, especially Bali. A detailed travelogue is on its way… (travel pictures are available at http://spaces.msn.com/kclark23/)
I’ve never felt so strongly about writing as one of my hobbies. In these few months, I surely underwent all sorts of stress and unhappiness. I discover writing has become a good outlet for my feelings, especially anger and disappointment. I remember my Polish friend once asked me which part of English I liked the best. At that time I told him spoken English while his answer was English writing. I also realize a writer’s life is tough ’cause s/he has no idea if the book sells well so as to guarantee a stable fiscal state for living. I’ve been thinking quite often about what else I can do besides sitting at the office editing articles. It’s sad to say I am not sensitive with numbers, so there’s no way for me to hold my ground in the financial field, which can bring lots of fortune. However, I’m still finding my way to get more eduation. Any opinion or suggestion is welcome.
I guess that’s pretty much I wanna update my news. My folks are great. So far it seems everything is in the right place except my skepticism about my future–a conflict between reality and ideality.  

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