Thank God It’s Over!

The moment I got back from my trip to Indonesia, did I have to look for new apartment and get ready to move. I still remember I only slept three or four hours on my last night in Jakarta because I had to catch an early flight the next day. No more extra day for me to relieve from jet-lag or anything that I had to get back to work immediately the next day upon my arrival.
With the help of my parents, we’ve found a decent apartment with much more convenient facilities and access to transportations. And during the past weekend, we’ve been through all the obstacles, and successfully moved from point A to point B. What a gigantic project! This could be the first time I have experienced the hassle of moving house. So much cleaning has to be done; so many stuff have to be packed and unpacked; so many chores have to be completed in order… all in all, we’ve survived. Thank God it’s over!
Lacking in sleep, I probably will not think clearly before writing down my thoughts. The night before moving, I only slept three hours, spending most of my time packing stuff… The nights after moving in, I only slept on the avarage of three to four hours. My mind is about to exploded whenever I get up. I start to realize that it’s not a simple thing to move from point A to point B. It looks simple as you draw two points and a line to link them up. But the process is a whopping big difficulty, at least it’s a piece of heavy work to those who have roots in one place.
I like the compound that I am staying. This should be another milestone of my independent life. I’ve found a place which is in the neighborhood of my childhood. All of a sudden, so many memories emerges from my mind. My elementary school is just on the other side of the street. Of course, great changes have taken place here after a decade. Downstairs of our building is a kindergarten. It’s always a joyful experience to watch these little kids taken to school in the company of their parents or grandparents. I ponder, if I am getting old to appreciate this humane scene, if my awareness has already outgrown my actual age. I understand how come married couples have to think so much before they decide to purchase a satisfying apartment–location, enviroment, prices, facilities; above all, the education prospects of their children. For compound like this, I guess it’s definitely attracted many couples for its close vicinity to kindergarten, elementary schools and even the middle schools.
These days mom often encourages me to get an apartment here once I have money. Haha, what a big joke! The price of purchasing an apartment is still an astronomical figures to me. I’m not so sure if one grows older, s/he eagers more for stability. This point reminds me of the "rabbit theory" of Sophie’s World that adults tend to gratify with their life in the cozy rabbit hair, while kids are curious about the world out of it. I am not sure what this theory will apply to my life but I do think it makes very good sense. As a dreamer myself, I should’ve been more aggressive to realize my dreams. 
I was too weary to miss anything in the old apartment, or I may say I was too occupied with the packing to appreciate every memory happend in that apartment. The door slammed, separating past and present as a barrier. I should’ve sobbed for my leaving but I didn’t. One reason I guess was because my new destination was not too far from the old apartment. Or perhaps because my parents are with me, around me all the way. To some extent, leaving the apartment helps me to learn to give up. We shouldn’t always selfishly possess something without considering others’ need. Sometimes giving up can do good for both sides and make our life lighter. 

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