A Lifetime Dinner

Passing by a beggar boy sitting at the corner with his droopy head , we reached a newly open Vietnamese Restaurant in town. I saw a Caucasian guy just kindly dropped some small notes into the bowl in front of the beggar boy… (What a humane scene!)  
Here we are at the Vietnamese Restaurant whose entrance was lined with flower baskets and festive ribbons. It’s a big mistake to select this place for dinner–last night was just a tryout for the restaurant, a premiere in an entertainment jargon, not officially open yet. We surely got the “best” service there–the slowest food delivery in my restaurant experience and laxed organization. We entered the restaurant around 6:45PM, made the order @7PM and we didn’t see a single dish on the table until 8:05PM. We wound up the dinner by 8:30PM. You probably would ask how come I can remember the time so clearly. Ha, good question! I kept checking my watch, almost once every five minute, during that blank waiting moment.
If not because I had to wait to pick up my photos by 9PM, I’d have definitely left the restaurant by 7:30PM. I waited and chatted with my friend to kill the time. In the meantime, I observed customers at other tables and they seemed to be annoyed as well. I was graceful enough not to vent right away, in fact I held my temper all night and talked to the waitresses and the managers carmly a few times…
I asked, “When will my food be delivered?”
“Soon, it’s coming, it’s coming!” said the waitress.
“So will Christmas,” my friend responded promptly.
(After a while)
I asked, “How come you serve food so slowly tonight? Is there only one chef in the kitchen?”
“We’re terrible sorry, Ma’am. Today is the first day we open for business. Things are a bit out of hand. We apologize,” the waitress replied politely.
My friend joked that the people who left the restaurant must be here for lunch. I remembered a gourmet friend of mine might have already kept saying “customer unfriendly” when encountering such a situation. Fortunately, the dishes we ordered came out all right. I liked the eggplant the most. What’s more, we got 22% discount. Because the restaurant had such poor service, a customer sitting next to our table said to the waitress angrily, “I’ll never return!” He complained that they had been in the restaurant for more than two hours just for this tardy dinner.
After we finished our dinner and walked out, we saw a middle-aged beggar man with thick beard sitting at the corner exactly where the beggar boy sat. I chuckled and made a joke, “It’s ironic that we spent a lifetime to have the dinner, that a beggar boy has become a bearded grown-up.” 

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