Wedding Fantasy

I laughed when thinking of this entry title. It all starts from a travel magazine I got last night, in which has an introduction of planning a wedding in Bali. The whole issue of Traveller is about Southeast Asia, especially the diving spots in Indonesia. I cannot agree more with my friend that there’re so much to see in Asia, especially in Far East and Southeast Asia. Shortened my vision of fantasizing my adventure in the western world, I see attractions here and there in Southeast Asia. I guess my deepest impression of my trip to Indonesia is the glamourous islands and waters in Southeast Asia. When I shared my travel experience with my peer, I found out both of us like water so much. I said to her maybe that’s common to all Aquarians–anything related to water we like. Thinking back, nine out of ten places I have travelled are along the coastline or in vicinity to lakes or rivers. Are women as mercurial as water? It’s said that women are made out of water, that’s why women’s mind is intangible; women’s tears are affluent and women’s emotion is as fragile as crystal.
I may be too young to completely understand women this creature but I know I am fond of the Indian Ocean and the Bali beaches. My travel agent asked me which place I liked better between Ubud and Kuta. That stuck me. The Kuta beach certainly won a superior position to Ubud’s galleries. But regarding people culture, I prefered Ubud’s temple and boutiques. Beauty=Natural Scenery+Human Life — this is my definition of a beautiful and unforgettable travel destination. While Kuta is the former and Ubud is the latter.
The travel magazine says Bali is an ideal place to get married. It’s not uncommon that girls dream about that special day when they put on their beautiful holy wedding gown. It’s such a memorable moment in her life. I was quite different in my girlhood though. I hated day-dreaming about that part at all but who’d be in the picture to make it complete and intact. Haha! After my trip to Bali, I must say Bali is indeed a paradise for wedding or honeymoon. I picture I’ll have a terrific time there with Beethoven, if I could ever get him there with me. 🙂    


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