Composition Weekend

I didn’t do much in the past weekend. One reason was the rainy weather. It’s rained almost every day in the past couple of weeks. I often thought to myself whether it’s a sign from God if lightning and pouring rain came at the same time when you are kissing somebody. Ha! Probably it’s a curse but not wish from God. Punishment maybe. Umm…I mark it down for my short story.
My Hong Kong cousin called me several times during the weekend. Each phone call roughly lasted for more than 30 minutes. Gosh! My ear was burning after the talk on the phone. I helped him complete three English articles–one diary, one weekly report and one book report. Wow! I’m really amazed at my ability to make up story. Even on this rainy Monday morning, he called again to brush up some English words’ pronunciations before going to school. He said he was nervous to recite a book report in class, facing so many classmates and the teacher. Haha… I certainly understand how he feels.
Okay, here are three compositions I wrote. I couldn’t remember them word for word but check them out. Notice, because my cousin is only a pupil, so it’s difficult for me to avoid many complicated words in the writings. He often shouted on the other side of the phone, "Hey, I don’t know this word! Never have I learned it!" Ha, I gotta racked my brains for a while. That’s what I say, it’s hard for adults to convey ourselves in simple words.
(Weekly report) My cousin said his teacher asked them to write about a specific day in their weekly report, which is quite different from my understanding of what a weekly report is–to generalize what you did in the past week.
                                                                                                    June 3, Saturday
                                                                                                       Hot, rainy
I went to the Health and Entertainment Center to learn drawing. A teacher at the center asked us to draw a thermos. She brought a thermos to the classroom. I looked at it for a long time. After a while, I finished drawing. My classmate said to me that I drew very well. I was very happy. I told my mother about it.
(Diary) My cousin told me that his teacher asked them to write a day trip at Disneyland. He told me he hadn’t been to Disneyland before and didn’t know how to write about it. I told him neither had I been there. That means we gotta make it up!!! Apparently, he thought my idea was hilarious and fun to write it down.
                                                                                                     June 3, Saturday
                                                                                                        Hot, rainy
Today I got up very early to go to Disneyland with my mother and father. After we arrived, we saw many people standing in line at the gate. We waited for our turn to get in. We got into Disneyland at noon time. And we had to wait in line again for a game. We waited for a long time. It’s time to close Disneyland when we got our turn. We couldn’t play anything and we left. We were unhappy.
(book report) This one is done with the help of my cousin’s requirement. I just helped him to re-organize the words and use three sentences to conclude the main idea of the story. He will recite what he prepare in class.
The book is called Noah’s Ark. The book is about Noah. Noah’s Ark saved many animals. The animals went to the ark one by one. They were in the rain. I liked this story very much. I learned many new words, for example, zebra. Let me show you. (He then will turn over the page to show the zebra picture.) These are zebras. Thank you!  

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