Speak for myself

There is one kind of jerk who is reluctant to go away until he had no superior in the argument. I met one online through my classmate. He is a pompous ass and always wanna show off his knowledge about the western world. He’s a Chinese who has been studying in New Zealand for several years. I try not to irritate him or even ignore him. As deep down inside me, this kind of person deserves the least respect from me. However, if he cannot win the argument, he won’t let go. What’s worse, he came to my space and left messages with the most disgusting languages. I really wonder if he talks to his mother with such a vulgar tougue. My classmate asked me to ignore him as we both think he’s a lunatic of some sort, extremely self-affected, conceited and aggressive. Too bad, the Kiwi culture has fostered such a garbage in the clean society, who only understand those four-letter words and disrespect others. 
I actually didn’t want to talk about this, ‘cos his act is too stupid and trivial to attract my attention. But this morning when I update my space, I saw his message again. What a nuisance. For safty concern, I’ll soon limit my space viewers. I’m sorry to say that it will cause inconvenience to some of you when reading my space in the near future. I cannot find a better solution to get rid of such a skunk than limiting my viewer. But I hope he’ll really leave me alone and look for other battlefields to show off his ignorance.
God Bless!  

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