Distressed Monday

Probably this distressed feeling come from the e-mails I read the first thing when I got to the office. These are e-mails about my future. Serious issue but also stressful. While responding to these e-mails, I even weeped tears. Yesterday, mom said to me that I couldn’t control my emotion when speaking loud to my dad. Yes, that’s me. Uncontrollably tears will drop, almost every time when I try to reason with dad. Not because I don’t have guts to talk to dad about what I think, but perhaps I am too emotional. 
I went to many places to look for jigsaw puzzle frames during the past weekend. I finally found what I want at a whole sale center. Besides, I couldn’t help buying a couple more jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle store owner didn’t believe I can alleviate stress via having fun with jigsaw puzzle. In his opinion, jigsaw puzzle is a time-consuming game and has meagre profits, resulting in fewer store sell puzzles. He said to me in disbelief, "People can relax themselves through watching World Cup, you choose jigsaw puzzle." "Yes, jigsaw puzzle is really a good game. If you like it then you will be easily addicted to it," I said cheerfully.
Right now nothing can stop me from getting away from the computer except focusing on my jigsaw puzzles. I have three puzzles to complete. Wow, lots of work!!! Each one has 1000 pieces. I guess that is the moment I can put my thoughts aside and really into a relaxation. I don’t know what I am doing right now. I am lacking in ambition and motivation. I wanna change my lifestyle but I don’t know how.  If only God knows!

3 thoughts on “Distressed Monday

  1. thanks! yeah, the longer you get to know me, the more "different" you will find in me. we both just start getting to know each other better through visiting each other\’s space, ain\’t we?

  2. well….actually from all the blogs u have written b4,i can tell that you are pretty more emotional than i thought. But anyway,sometimes i think you drive urself too hard and think too much…come on babe,take it easy~
    Enjoy ur jigsaw~

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