The Last Day of Ghostwriter at CE

Today is the last day that our British editor working at our company. That should be the big news to tell about my work. A Kiwi guy named Greg Rothwell will replace Simon next Monday. We are told he graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, and used to work at GZTV News Center, Citytalk mag. and many other media firms as writer and editor. In my impression, Simon is a good writer. We’ll find out soon if this Greg will do a better job than Simon.
Just now we had a meaningful lecture by the chief editor of Crazy English Reader. Today is her last day working in the company. Alas, this is the fourth friendly person that I know quitting the job. First is the former deputy editor in chief who hired me to CE; Second is the my mentor, the chief editor of Crazy English Teens; Third is the British editor who writes well; and fourth is the chief editor of Crazy English Reader. What a shift!!! I remember an experienced art editor once said to me that, those who quit usually are leaving in disappointment, either disatisfied with the job or the company. I was told to learn about the personnel affair of the company. Aha, I am not a nosy girl. I always put things irrelevant to work on the back burner.
This afternoon two English speakers will come to CE to do recording. Andrew will come too. I’ve been wanting to post this IM here but never got a chance. If Andrew has left a good impression on my Kiwi friend, then he must be really a good guy. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I say this just simply because he’s a good guy to hang out but not go further. Hahaha….
DYS (my Kiwi friend’s nickname initials): How’s holiday?
AP (my nickname initials): It was awesome. How was yours?
DYS: laxed out, didn’t do much, just keep cool, shopping and partying.
AP: That’s not bad.
DYS: hey andrew was asking me of you had any work for there? your friends mentioned something about it when we had lunch.
AP: Yes, soon actually our monthly mag. is going to record in this couple of weeks, we’ll let him know beforehand. How’s Andrew?
DYS: he is great. he went to yangshuo and i think hong kong for holidays, and rafting in qing yuan (i did that last year) and his friends from hong kong came here. but I do think that he leaving soon…maybe its in june at the end of the semester, he is going back to america and going to germany for the soccer world cup, then going to work in beijing i think or else come back to guangzhou.
AP: oh cool, yangshuo is a good place, I just had a brief stop there from Guilin. I thought he’s teaching in Zhongshan Univ. for a year. At least that’s what he said to me.
DYS: yes he is but i think he can transfer. he used to work in beijing. over the summer months he is going home, i just remember going to germany for soccer world cup, getting away from the heat in guangzhou and maybe going to beijing… but in general he is here for a while longer after the summer holidays.
AP: ok, well, probably it’ll be a good idea for me to send him an e-mail to confirm his staying plan.
DYS: i know he is here for a bit longer, i don’t mean to scare ya or anything lol  but i am sure he would appreciate an e-mail to hear of work coming up… maybe he has been practicing his voice.
AP: His voice is great, my workmates have appreciated a great deal
DYS: i have to go and teach my korean kids…Yeh andrew is cool huh… great guy. I told my mum he would be the only american guy i would take home to meet my granddad (the boss of the family lol)
AP: he’s up for grabs!
DYS: take care and have a great evening! see you. (yeh he’s up for grabs hehehe)
AP: you too, ciao!

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