Austria Musical Tour

The last couple of days in this week I’ve been doing my research on Austria. Somehow what I am doing right now meets my dream in my childhood. When I was a pupil, I often wanted to know better about those famous musicians mentioned in the music class, say, where they are from, what is their representative sheet music etc. Yep, I heard a lot about how great Beethoven was to the world; what a prodigy Mozart was and some other anecdotes of other well-known musicians. However, I couldn’t remember what I learned despite I took notes carefully in my history class.


Now It’s a good chance for me to brush up my memory. Above all, I enjoy doing research on these musicians so much. Austria is an awesome small country. Thanks to Mozart 2006, I will write something about his hometown Salzburg as well as Vienna. Actually Salzburg didn’t catch my attention in the first place. What a duh! I didn’t even know the city at all. Now I know and I like it a lot, especially the musical ambience there. The classical music has brought me back to the old days in Salzburg. Everything is just so peaceful and tidy!


I look forward to the travel column of the special edition coming out. I’ll definitely keep it like a treasure of my own!


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