What’s About Turkey?

What’s about Turkey? I shall be sure of what I am going to write about before I make up my mind to write something about Turkey in my travel column. However, besides knowing it’s a country that links Europe and Asia, I am disappointed to say I know nothing about Turkey. Our teenage readers have been interested in this country. They write letters to us and ask for it. I gotta think something to meet their needs.
After spending no more than a week, including some of my precious weekend, I have finally finished the Austria part. Other than knowing more about the country, I’ve also learned several German words. I can see how powerful German is in Europe. The language has influenced almost the entire Europe, especially central Europe. Many websites about Vienna also mention about learning German. Because of the present World Cup, people definitely have a fever to know about this country as well as its language.
Yesterday I checked the history of this space. I’m amazed that I’ve kept this space for almost a year. This month is the 12th month that I’ve been writing my blog. I remembered when I first set up this space, I just wanted to write something to kill my time. Yeah, I was angry with a friend at that time. My friend didn’t keep his promise to show up and had keep me waiting for 6 months, 183 days in total, that is 15,811,200 seconds. Think back, this space is a good outlet for me–you can find all sorts of feelings in this space, personal and impersonal, essays and travelogues, even short stories can be found. I don’t know what will happen after another 15,811,200 seconds, but I hope I will be able to make a step closer to my dream.

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