Another Normal Day

Life like today has really nothing to say. The entire day I just face three screens–the office pc, the home idiot box and this lap top. Tonight I almost couldn’t get into this space, because something was wrong with the sign-up. Well, it’s pathetic to say that’s the very little I can talk about here. An earlier discussion about overseas Chinese with my Yankee friend did get on my nerves. However, even my friend thinks it’s meaningless to talk about that subject. So I hear no words from him after sending my last reply. Darn!
It’s just another normal working day. If I am swamped with work, time passes quickly. And even back home I have to work a little bit more. What a tiring and everlasting life!!!
Well, too tired to make any comment. Off!
PS. Happy July 4th to all my Yankee buddies!!!

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