Bus Courtesy

This entry should have done a week ago. I can’t believe these days I am so hectic that even my space is being neglected.
One day last week I went to work by bus as usual. After waiting for a while at the bus stop, the bus arrived. As usual there were many people on the bus as well as outside the bus, who were pushing to get on the bus. I hestated to use "waiting for their turns" as it is the most unusual polite scene I would encounter at the bus stop.
However, the unusual happened to me. As I was patiently taking my turns to get on the bus, a middle-aged guy and I reached the bus entrance at the same time. I expected I had to follow him. But he said to me, "Come on, get on first!" as I had paused for a moment. I was a bit surprised. Since there were several people waiting behind me, I hopped on the bus without saying anything. I know if I had waited a bit longer at the entrance, people behind me would push me or queue jump me.
The whole scene only lasted 30 sec. but this 30sec. was impressive. I used to tell my buddies that some western gentlemen were urbane that they would politely let the ladies get in and out of the elevator first. As an ordinary joe myself, I felt I was respected. When our governent was announcing over and over that China must catch up with the international standards in all aspects, do they realize how important the buildup of social morality and manner of every individual is? In my opinion, it outweighs the construction of infrastructure.

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