Umberellars With Signs

It was raining this morning. It’s not surprising to see seas of umbrellas on the street. I didn’t get out of the house this weekend. But even I did, I usually didn’t pay too much attention to the passer-bys. Tragically, this is the life of modern city dwellers. We walk our own walk, do our own business without caring about strangers around us. I remember the other day, when I was in the elevator of my building, I pressed number 8. A middle-aged guy just made it to get into the same elevator, he automatically pressed number 7. I vaguely remember it was a rainy day too. The guy turned around and smiled to me and said, "It’s interesting. We all live in the same building but we’ve never known each other. You’re living my upstairs." I smiled back and said nothing. The man’s remark had sort of broken the ice and the elevator which was usually slow like a snail, reached 7th floor very soon. I was still savoring the man’s impressive remark…
Last Sunday after over 12 hours bus ride, we finally arrived sweet home Guangzhou from Yangshuo, Guangxi Province. My colleague exclaimed after his bumpy nap on the bus, "Here we are! We’re back to the ‘Concrete Jungle’!" I looked around the scene through the bus windows. Indeed, all I could see were tall buildings one after another instead of lush mountains. For the past 23 years, I’ve been living in this "Concrete Jungle." Probably I am so used to it that I don’t even realize how indifferent people are in this jungle.
This morning on my way to work, I suddenly noticed quite a few people’s umbrellas had ads logos–"Guangdong Radio," "7-11," "C-Store," "GZTV," "X Glass Factory" etc. I looked at my umbrella which said "Yangcheng Evening News" in Chinese. I chuckled. We city dwellers somehow have become ads messengers. Ads are swallowing our city life, every inch of the blank space. On the other hand, thanks to these umbrellas with signs, the feature of our commercial city stands out noticeably, even in a rainy day.

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