Gotheburg’s Arrival

Yesterday was a big day for the Swedish ancient sailboat Gotheburg arrived in Guangzhou after having sailed for more than nine months since Oct. 2nd last year. There was no local media not covering this significant moment. That’s why it drew my attention although I was not a big sailboat fan. However, what actually attracts me is the shape of the sailboat Gotheburg. Two major citylife English mags have used Gotheburg as their covers. I will definitely keep this month’s issue because of the sailboat.
I stayed up after midnight last night just to watch the recap of the triumphal arrival. This 18th century ancient sailboat reproduction, Gotheburg III was so beautifully afloat at sea. I was completely fascinated by it. I think I will visit it during its one-month stay in Guangzhou, aka Canton. If I see any souvenir or mini model of it, I absolutely won’t hesitate to get one if the price is not skyrocketing. Umm… the more I talk about it, the more I am attempted to have one mini model.
What’s more, thanks to Gotheburg, I know more about the country Sweden. Swedish are smart people. I said to myself, if I couldn’t get a beetle myself, I’d like to get a Volvo someday. Ha, now I know Volvo is made in Sweden. That somehow makes me admire the Swedish’s intelligence more. I cried out a few times while watching TV, "Wow, look at that cute blondie!!!" Yeah, I surmise there are more blue-eyes-and-blond-hair/6 feet and 4 inches in Sweden than the Netherlands.  Wait a minute! Where am I driving at now? LOL Yep, I am talking about those awesome cute Swedish guys. In my lifetime, I met one in person. He’s REALLY blond and tall!!!! Alright, cut it out!
Change subject! Our big boss just got back from Japan. He gave the whole company a talk about his impression of Japan. Gees! I can really tell where his excitement and admiration coming from. Yes, Japanese culture is fascinating. I realized that when I was at college studying Japanese. Those two years really changed my viewpoint about Japan. I want to visit this great nation but I am not ready yet. I always say to myself that I won’t visit Japan until my spoken Japanese has got a big leap. Sadly, I’ve noticed my Japanese is not improving but fading away from my memory since graduation. Yep, indeed, use it or lose it! I’m afraid it’s darn true. So I guess it’ll be another lifelong waiting to visit Japan.
I was happy that I could think out of the box and draw out the gist of the remaining 15 pages of the special edition, which I am working darn hard on it these days. At that moment I really admire myself–what a genius who can come out of ideas like that! Ha, it was just a little narcissism. But I am certainly not a narcissist at all!!! Anyway, the gist definitely helps my work to be done easier and a lot quicker. I really wanna get over these torturous days…

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