Bad Things Come in Threes!

These days Guangzhou is sweltering hot. As long as you make a little move, sweats will come out. Today the power was off out of the blue. What a surprise!!! Every machine in the office suddenly stopped . I was lucky that my file was just saved before the power went off. Without electricity we couldn’t do anything. The office became hotter and hotter. We opened the windows in the hope of feeling some breeze. However, what we could feel was hot breeze!!!
After noontime the power hadn’t come back. Just when I was disappointingly chewing on the bread for lunch, all lights were back on. A surprising shout was heard from my colleagues almost at the same time. I immediately put my lunch box into the microwave oven. After a while, we all could smell something burnt from the microwave. What happened? I opened the door and found the cover of my lunch box was out of shape. Darn!!! Fortunately, the food was still fine but not heated yet.
Finally I could have my lunch box. As usual I washed it after lunch. My goodness!!! As soon as I was about to clean off the soapy detergent, water supply was weaker and weaker and eventually there was no water from the faucet, not even a single drop!!! I haven’t been so unlucky for a long time. Gosh, I felt like a beggar begging for water from the tap. With several tries of turn-off and turn-on the faucet, I managed to wash off the bubbly soap on my hands.
What I experienced today proved bad things really do come in threes!!!

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