Learn to be independent

Today I managed to put up a shelf at the office. I was proud of myself. It’s been a long time that I haven’t felt this way. But I know it’s all because my impatience abounds. I could have easily asked the maintenance people for help. They are good at fixing things. But I didn’t do that. Even though my fingers were sore and arms were red because of misusing strength, I was still trying hard to putting up piece by piece. What’s worse, after the shelf was half done, I found out I put them up in the wrong way. So I had to detach every piece and started all over again. Darn!!! Of course, I couldn’t be more familiar with the structure of this shelf at the last time putting it up. Whenever I look at the new file shelf standing up at my desk, I feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s all done by me!
Through this incident, Daddy Dave told me I would be able to challenge the English test too. Just give yourself a little more confidence, you can make it! I don’t know about that. But I remember my friend once said to me, in order to achieve my dream, I have to do something no matter how unwilling I wanna complete it. It’s always easier said than done. Learning to be independent isn’t easy. But all you can do is keep trying to DIY and boosting yourself that you can do it.
I came home late tonight. I still could remember last Wednesday I didn’t leave the office until 7:30PM. One week later, on the same Wednesday I also got off work late. Tonight was better–one hour earlier than last week. As I told myself, you can’t go until you finish this, so I persisted doing what I was supposed to do. Nobody understands why I have to do so, neither do I, but I still make it. That’s one way of being independent. You gotta have self-dicipline and independent thinking.
I was surprised to pick up a call tonight from a junior high school classmate. He’s working as a tour guide. We used to be good friends. From what he told me about other classmates’ current jobs, I realize we’ve all grown up and time has past so quickly that it’s almost ten years since we were studying in the same classroom. In my classmate’s impression, I am still a good student with good command of English. So he’s not surprised that I am an English editor now, while I am more envious of his experience as a tour guide. However, I understand when you travel for living, it’s more or less lost the pleasure of travelling. Being a pure traveller, you can still use your heart to feel every bit of the scenery; even though you don’t know much of the place, you will be enthusiastic to discover the myth. While being a tour guide, no matter how familiar you are with the place, you don’t really have the moment to appreciate the scenery alone peacefully. That’s the difference between enjoying life and making a living. It’s a cruel reality indeed! 

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