Cocktail Mood

I had a screwdriver for the first time at lunch today. It’s been a drink that I wanna order for a long time but I just wasn’t sure what the ingredients were in it. So I hesitated and usually ordered something I was familiar with. Thanks to the article which I just finished on cocktail, I  have a better knowledge of cocktail and am suddenly in the mood for cocktail. I see how lucky being a food and drink reviewer for magazines and newspapers, that you often can try all sorts of delicacies FOR FREE. Although I had to pay for my screwdriver, I was happy to try it. If I knew it was only mixing vodka and orange juice, I’d have ordered it long time ago. You see how much I enjoy tequila sunrise, then you can imagine how satisfying I was to taste the screwdriver. These days I favor orange juice, skipping all the cokes and soft drinks and having OJ instead. I hope OJ can do me good on the diet scheme.
Because of the cocktail article, I happened to do an online test about "which cocktail are you?" and my result was "grasshopper." So here is the result:

You’re a Grasshopper! the drink, duh, not the insect! 😉 In case you didn’t know it consists of creme de menthe, creme de cacao white and cream and tastes a lot like an after 8 mint which is fine by you cause you’re a bit partial to one! You’re also pretty sweet yourself and pretty satisfied with your lot. Your other loves are the snow and saxophones, in fact you’re a pretty special kinda person!

1024 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 285252 times.
3% of people had this result.

Yesterday I did another online test. Though it was in Chinese, the result was similar to the one above. It said I was a bit indifferent and aloof but very unique, that I could do amazingly good in any field. Duh, what a nonsense! I am not that cool, ain’t I? I smile to strangers, how can it say I am a bit remote?
Anyway, when I was enjoying my cocktail, I noticed a sign on the table. I remember the first time I read it was when I was in Hangzhou years ago. The wording is beautifully organized. I was amazed at the person who thought of this way of writing. It’s actually a warning to the smokers. I didn’t copy down the Japanese version but only English and Chinese. Here it goes:
Courtesy of Choice
The concept and symbol of Courtesy of Choice reflect the centuries-old Philosophy that acknowledges differences while allowing them to exist together in harmony.
Courtesy of Choice accommodates the preferences of individuals by offering both smoking and non-smoking areas in the spirit of conviviality and mutual respect.


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