The First Entry in August

This is the first time I sign in my MSN space in August. What a surprise! I’ve noticed the whole system has been upgraded. Gosh! It took me some time to finally start writing something. I still prefer the previous version though. It’s much easier to manage.
The space system has changed, so has my life. There was a disastrious event happening in my life. I am very sad that my best friend has broken his leg from a coma. Besides the heavy work load daily, I have to help my friend as best as I can every day. Every day I see my friend going through the pain, I feel so bad. Well, this kind of life is gonna last for a month until his plaster of Paris is taken off. I haven’t felt so stressful in my life for a long time.
Being a caregiver isn’t easy, so is being a good hostess for a show. I was invited to be the MC again for Guangzhou Morning Post English Club. It was indeed an unexpected request as I really made a very unhappy ending on purpose to show how poor management the business had run. I thought they would think I was high-attitude and wouldn’t call me back. But I was wrong. At least my direct boss was still friendly to me and ambitious about the future of the English Club. We talked on the phone twice about that. (Christ! It costs my money on the cell phone.) And at the second time, she was even tempted to ask me to work full-time with her. I am still struggling if I should say yes to her about working part-time at the English Club. But whenever I look at my life, it’s just complete screwed!
Yes, my life is screwed, so is the relationship between Dad and me. I am toasted completely! I have no idea how to communicate with Dad to make him understand I am a grown-up and I can take care of myself without him worring about me and sticking his nose into my personal life. Occasionally, I really wanna say "Bloody Hell!"
Yesterday I was invited to a gala party to celebrate with the sailors from the Swedish ship Gotheburg. It was a messy and boring but meaningful day. As an interpreter, I had to translate the leader’s speech. Somehow the speech I prepared in advance hadn’t been used but I had to interprete an organizer’s speech spontaneously. Christ! So many Chinese characteristic terms in his speech–I just passed them and used simple English instead. The van to pick up the sailors was full and guess where I sat eventually? At the door of the van. That’s the most disrespected and embarrassing treament I have in my adult life!!! The door of the van was barely close and I was the only one who didn’t have a seat but sitting at the stair of the door. (Bloody Hell!!!) However, the meaningful thing is my dream to see the real Swedish ship has realized. Although I didn’t get on board but I could see the ship at a close distance and I took several snapshots too. What’s more, I bought a introduction album about Gotheburg and I had all the Swedish sailors who attended the party sign on my album. That’s a great collection for myself!!! Of course I saw quite a few blondes. I even took a picture with a really very very blond guy. He’s cool and he’s fascinated by the Chinese calligaphy.
Life moves on… One of my BFF is about to quit her editorial job and planning a trip to Thailand; the other BFF enjoys her first job and has been to Malaysia and India because of her job. That in fact, does give me a push to take a break from working. Now because I don’t like my job, I just feel life is not like this, at least my life is not gonna shaped like this forever. I was asked a few times last night at the party, either by the Swedish sailors or by my Scottish friend, that what does my job like? How do I like it? What do I do? etc. I didn’t know what else I could say besides telling them it’s all about editing articles one after another. To me, indeed, it’s a damn tedious process but during the process I usually learn something I don’t know. That’s it!

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