A Big Decision

I’ve made a big decision today. For a travel buff like me, this is a great sacrifice.
What is my decision? I’ve decided not to travel anywhere during the coming one-week vacation in Oct.. I thought for a long time and finally made up my mind. So many reasons have stopped me from travelling to anywhere. One, money. I don’t know what’s going on with me these days. I spent a lot but I didn’t know how did I spend my money. Probably I spent it all on paying the facility bills. Mom told me today that these two-month’s electricity bill at home ran up to more than one grand RMB. Gees! Mom said dad just couldn’t stand the heat and the first thing for him to do after work was turning on the a/c. Anyway, once you learn how to earn money, you will spend it more quickly. I have to pay all those groceries and transportation. Life ain’t easy! Two, time. It’s getting closer to my vacation. But I am too busy to do any research right now. I assume by the time I can really sit down and do research, it will be too late to make any travel plan and the bookings all those stuff. Last but not least, travel mate. It’s ironic that until now I haven’t found anyone who is healthy and strong enough to travel with me. My BFF somehow has broken his leg. Christ! I guess at least for the next six months he has to only take slow walk. Well, without him I don’t see anyone can be my companion as well as sponsor. Alas!!!!
I am and will be exhausted this whole month. It will be a good chance for me to catch some Zzzzs during the vacation!!!
Life is just like that–It won’t wait for you. It moves on, for better or worse.   

3 thoughts on “A Big Decision

  1. to Daddy Dave: what a surprise to read your comment here. Yeah, I guess it\’s quite a plan from one way or another.
    to Lee: hey gal! Will you be in the town during the vacation? Let\’s meet up somewhere!

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