Abnormal Life

My laptop unfortunately has to be fixed again. This kind of life may last for one week or one month or even six months. Who knows. Life without computering is abnormal to city dweller. I was supposed to bring work home last night but I didn’t because of this; I was supposed to stay up and surf the Web till midnight or even helped my cousin to do some translation work but I didn’t because of this. I went to bed at 10:30PM after watching the TV series. Mom often says this is the normal bedtime. I reckon I’ve been doing something abnormal for years by hitting the hay so late. Well, at least from last night on, I began to do something normal to Mom but abnormal to me.
Another part of the abnormal life is I am disoriented at my work now. After chatting with my high school classmate online, I am really tempted to move my cheese. He’d like to introduce me to his ads. firm. Well, I don’t know much about advertising but from what he said sounds tempting. At least his company has annual vacation besides the three official "golden week." Am I looking for excuse to take a vacation or am I seriously thinking of changing a job in different field. The other day when I was on the bus, I was really thinking profoundly–it’s totally unexpected that I have become an English editor. After my graduation, I was pretty much taking my chances–wherever hire me I will work for them. If on that day, that travel corporation had hired me, I might have become somebody in the tourism business; or if on that day, I stayed with Guangzhou Morning Post, I might have come a very entertaining host and business promoter; or if on that day, I accidentally went for a teaching post interview, I might have enjoying a long vacation travelling here and there now. 
The abnormal life actually has extended for a year. I looked at my space, dating back till last August. I can’t believe I have kept writing for a year. My space doesn’t signify the beginning of my abnormal life but it does company me throughout the abnormal life, day in and day out. If only tears could change the fact and realize my dreams!!! Viva abnormal life!!!! Happy One-year Anniversary!!!
Everything is so familiar and strange to me. My girlhood friend also wanna change job. But we are both in the same situation, although she’s working at the court in the legal system. We are somewhat spoiled by the easy situation right now. Sooner or later, we will become those adults sinking in the fur of the rabbit in Sophie’s World.  

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