Another New Scene on the Bus

I noticed I bumped into bus adventure quite often. Here is a scene I encountered this morning at the rush hour. My bus was late. I waited for about 15 min at the bus stop. That’s why the bus was already crowded before I got on it as the first passenger. I was sorry for my sandals as they were often stepped on by strangers. Oh dear, they were from Bali and now they were like "road kill" underneath others’ shoes. I hate these rude people!!!
I grabbed my purse and brown bagging tightly for fear the brutal pick-pockets and the professional thieves. It was not easy for me to hold my ground. If I were a bit shorter I would have real trouble keeping the balance–every possible space on the bus stood a passenger and every possible spot on the handles and bars was taken by the passengers. The people behind me kept pushing me. You could tell how unhappy I was as I did yell at the middle-aged woman behind me for doing that. If the scientists say the earth will soon be overpopularted, I can’t agree more when I was on such a sardine bus. What’s more dramatic was six people got on the bus from the back door without paying any money. And the driver protested, saying if those who hopped on the bus from the back door remained not paying for the fare, he would stop driving. Holy Christ!!! Many people were catching the last-minute bus to work. Hearing him saying so, they were all aroused and strongly requesting those nuisances to pay the bus fare. I was silent at that moment and was thinking of helping to pay for them so as to save the time and nonsenses from these people. But I figured out there were more than ten yuan I had to pay so I gave up that idea. In fact, I wasn’t comfortable at all standing at that position–my hand barely reach the bar while my back was against others’. Man, guys around me were sweating like hell and I just hate being pushed!!! You definitely will lose your grace on one of these crowded GZ buses at the rush hour. The bus stopped for 3 or 4 minutes at the bus stop. The jerk even argued with the driver. Shut your mouth, poke!
After I got off the bus, I immediately thought of something I would put into my play of bus scene if I ever become a playwright or director, the first thing for an office worker to do after arriving at the office should be going to the bathroom to tidy up himself as after he gets off the bus, his look should be in a mess from head to toe, from hair to shoe laces. That simply reflects how crowded and mistreated he is on the bus. Haha!
What a life in China!!! I assume I shall taste it as an outsider, that may be more fun than making citizen’s complaints.

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