Reunions Awakened Reminiscence

This weekend should be the most meaningful one in recent few months. I often think I have nothing to talk about my life except talking about work. But once you get out of indoors, you really can see a lot. On Friday night I attended a junion high school reunion because one of my classmates came back from Canada for a visit. On Saturday noon time I went to the primary school gathering. The gathering didn’t finish until early evening. One of my classmates wanna meet us before leaving for England again in early September.
Two gatherings happened in two days consecutively. Although I only met a few of the classmates, I saw changes as well as recalled the past. I thought I could hardly remember the names of my classmates. Fortunately, most of their names were still in my memories. I haven’t met Steven, my classmate from Canada for eight or nine years. Even though I could recognize him, he is no longer the Steven I knew. Maybe in his eyes, everybody is somewhat different from the past. Time does not only change a person’s appearance but also his/her mind. Everyone is sort of busy with his/her own life, some are studying for their masters, some are bank tellers, some are accountants, some work in travel business, some are officers in some government bureaus and I assume I am the only one who works in the publication. Imagine ten years ago, could we picture what we are today? Or ten years from now what kind of picture of us will be?
The most astonishing news to me should be some of my classmates, both in junior high or primary school, are married or even have become parents. OMG!!! Shall I feel the threat of age? At the lunch with my primary school classmates, the one who came back from England showed us pictures of our classmate who has immigrated to Canada, with his wife and his 8-month-old son. Although there were only eight people at the lunch, we chatted about lots of things, most of which are the childhood stories in primary school. We laughed about those happy but silly stories.
Sometimes I ask myself how many times of this kind of reunion I will attend in the future. Everyone has his/her own life, maybe it will become more difficult to get more people to meet up somewhere. Or maybe not. We are no longer kids any more. And we will grow older and more mature. I am certainly not the only one who remembers the past at the reunion dinner. Yet, I might be the one who thinks more than I should. That’s me–I will have lots of reflection while enving others. No matter what, no better prayer than wishing everyone I know have a good life.
I watched the movie "Cars" with mom today. It was awesome!!! I am more interested in watching cartoons because everytime I watch it, I will learn something. It’s so inspiring and touching at the same time. The movie is more than talking about racing cars, it reflects life. After the movie, I spent a fortune to buy three car models and a mug with two pencils for free. Oh, man, I am just crazy for those lovely characters in the cartoon. Plus, I am kinda a car fan although I can’t drive or figure out what brand of the cars. I just love the car models. These days I spent as less money as possible–going anywhere by bus or on foot, skipping breakfasts and no more shopping for clothes and junk food. But when I saw the car models, I changed my mind right away. Wasn’t I crazy? 🙂 

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