I Hate…

After a big disappointment last night, I am so depressed right now. No one understands and even my good friend vented at me this morning. Why me?
I hate being neglected. In the hospital I was treated like that; on MSN the same treatment; and even in real life…
I hate being vented. It’s not my problem and why should I take the blame? My friend even says to me, "If I don’t vent my spike upon you, I vent at nobody."
I hate liars. I can’t be smart enough to tell the difference between lie and truth all the time. Why are some people just so enjoying lying?
I hate the situation that I am at. I can go nowhere, can’t escape but face it; can’t tell anyone but bury it into my heart; can’t shed tears for fear mom and dad see it and ask me why. I can’t do anything right now.
I hate, so much I hate right now. Above all, I hate myself. Why would I be born in this world?
If I cannot curse God, I only can swear at myself. Damn KC!  

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