Morning Observation

It took me three weeks to get back my laptop and the technician couldn’t find any problem of my laptop. What’s more, I found my laptop had more viruses than I could imagine. Darn!!! I am very unhappy about ACER’s service.
Yesterday morning on my way to work, I saw quite a few little kids taken to kindergarten which is just downstairs of my building. Somehow what I saw were all sad faces. The kids were unwilling to leave their parents or grandparents. Their eyes were wet and puffy;two snots were still hanging the nostrils. I completely understood how these little guys felt. When I was very very little, I remembered once I ran out of the kindergarten, trying to find my mom at her workshop. However, the teacher caught me from behind when I was running. Yeah, at that time all adults could run much faster than me. Maybe to me, I was running but to them they just walked a little bit faster and they could catch me!!!
I overheard the parents or the grandparents trying to comfort the kids. I started to think to myself, why the little guys could cry out loud when they didn’t wanna do something? But me as a grown-up, no matter what happen I still have to hang on without tears. If only I could be little again…
This morning I witnessed a traffic accident. The scene was so frightening–I assume that was the motorbike driver who was all wrapped up by a red blanket in the middle of the road. (Yep, just like a road kill.) Several police cars were stopping the incoming traffic from different directions and the policemen were taking notes at the scene. Not far away a motorbike was flipped on the ground. My gosh!!! What a tragical morning!!!
Later the day I heard my colleagues talking about another tragical accident happened not far away from the one I saw this morning. My colleague said she saw someone leaping from the flyover and dead, whose blood was all over on the ground. So bloody that I couldn’t believe that was what happened on my way to work.
Guangzhou has become daunting to me. I can’t wait to get out of this city.  

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