What’s in women’s handbags?

Yesterday was the first time that I didn’t bring my bag to work because I had to go to the library in the afternoon. To save time and avoid hassles, I decided not to carry a bag in the library so that I didn’t need to put my stuff into the locker before entering the library room. My dad reminded me of “Three Things” you must carry with you when you’re out–keys, cellphone and money. Exactly, they’re the “three things” I had on me yesterday. So my pockets were kinda heavy but my shoulders had never been such relax and weightless.
On the bus, I found a seat at the back and I had the chance to observe the women who were carrying a handbag on the bus or on the street. Some of the handbags were really neat in design. Small, medium and large, all sizes of handbags you could see on women’s shoulders. On the contrast, I saw guys were really carefree without carrying anything but a chain of keys hanging on the belt; cellphone and money in the pockets. On the bus, women could only spare one hand to hold the bars and handles, and the other was usually holding the handbags for fear pickpockets (maybe) or just a natural pose of standing on the bus. While guys were more arbitrary–many of them liked holding the bars and handles with both hands. Yep, their pose was just like an ape with long arms. And the body was blocking in the way. I reckoned that’s why it’s a bit disadvantage for ladies to find a good place to stand because of these mindless men standing in the middle of the passage.
So what’s in women’s handbags? Why do women have to carry a handbag but guys don’t need to? Do the handbags contain lots of women’s secret? Or do they give a necessary sense of security to women? I checked out my handbag. There is a book, a notebook, an electronic dic., keys, a cellphone, a wallet, a namecard case, a pen, a comb, a mirror and some tissues of both wet and dry. Not too many stuff, aren’t there? But I feel my bag is heavy though. I know some of the gals carrying all sorts of cosmetic. That reminds me of the movie “Ghost” in which Whoppi Goldberg had to empty her entir purse to get a check out. All her cosmetic were shown on the desk of the banker. That’s very funny!!!
I wonder if I don’t carry a bag with me, will I be regarded less feminine?

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