Expensive Weekend

Can you believe within two days I have spent almost 2000RMB (approx. 250USD)? 
I invested almost my monthly salary to purchase several things which I wanna have the most–a new mobile phone, a portable hard drive and some other odds and ends. Thanks to my dad’s mobile phone package, my new Nokia cellphone only cost me 13 hundred something RMB. It has so many functions–photographing, MP3, radio and the basic calling and SMS–all are combined in one gadget. How amazing!!! Compared to my previous Nokia, this new model is definitely superb. And I will have to learn so many new things from it.
This weekend was indeed hectic. I spent almost a whole day to have my laptop and pc fixed on Saturday. And on Sunday I went shopping with mom. It’s been weeks that I haven’t shopped like today. I felt a bit regret that I didn’t buy the white skirt in Bali. I saw it twice when I was there and the price wasn’t that bad. But I didn’t buy it anyway. And now I’ve shopped many boutiques but there wasn’t any exact white skirt that appealed to me. Oh gosh! Where can I get a white skirt that I liked. I also wanna get a pair of jeans overalls but I couldn’t find it either. Darn!!! If only I were in the States, I bet I could buy many awesome clothes, ‘cuz I often see what I like from the teen mags. Besides, I assume the stores in the States will certainly have my size!!! Apprarently I am a bit bigger than the local tiny Cantonese. It’s kinda difficult for me to pick my clothes and shoes. Not easy at all!!!
Last time my friend from the States brought me a whole suitcase of clothes when he came back to China. Gosh!!! You don’t know how ecstatic I was. However, they are all winter clothes. The dog days in Canton last so long and even in winter it’s not that cold at all. That’s another reason I like Canton less.
Anyway, I am broke completely. If only tomorrow was my pay day.

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