Scene 1: A and B are very good friends but they haven’t met each other for over two months. Then one day, A comes back for visit. Of course B is happy about it and offers to pick up A at the train station. Yet, A tells B that the pick-up matter has been arranged. B is a bit disappointed as he believes the one who A meets upon his arrival should be the very one A wanna see the most. But B isn’t on the list. B feels awkward because he doesn’t know if A still consider him as a good friend.
Scene 2: A has settled down while B is still anticipating for the meeting. For hoping to hear from A, B has turned down all the invitations in the coming two evenings and returns home earlier than usual. Yet A doesn’t ask B out but only telling him on the phone that he’s tied up with other dinner appointments. Again, B feels like being pushed out of a slamming door. In order to cheer up himself, he turns to that bottle of red wine silently and sadly.
Scene 3: A tells B that he will be out of town for the weekend. B’s immediate reaction is “He’s leaving again?!” When B is alone, he thinks about many things that he wanna share with A. But when chances come, B’s mind is suddenly blank. Looking into A’s eyes, B only sees a message of separation. Too long a waiting period is, that B is almost used to the life without A’s presence. Now A’s leaving for a short period, B thinks it’s the full stop of the friendship. Indeed, A and B are no longer in the same boat as they used to be.
You know, I’ll hold my laughter if you say A and B are brokeback brothers. This kind of friendship virtually is awkward, don’t ya think?

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