Is it too late?

My friend got me two CDs from Hong Kong. One of them is Teresa Teng’s best collection. If you go to any HMV online shop, type Teresa Teng in the search engine, you will get a list of dozens of different answers. What interests me in this special CD is the Japanese version of some of her best songs. It was totally a coincidence that I got to know these Japanese songs. I was in a Japanese restaurant the other day, and Teresa’s Japanese songs drew my attention. I am still fascinated with the Japanese culture although I am no longer studying the language. Sometimes when you are captivated by something, you will wanna possess it, right? Teresa is my father’s generation’s beloved diva. Because dad loves her songs so much, I also grew up with her tunes at home. Apparently I cannot appreciate her songs the same way as my dad or his generation. Dad’s era is history to me before I was born. However, is it too late to recognize Teresa Teng’s talent of singing? Is it too late to find some sort of connection between her lyrics and my own life?
I asked my friend what would he think about my future in five years from now. Where will I be and what will I be doing? I told him deep down inside me I want very much to get my master at somewhere quite different from my previous educational enviroment. I remember my artistic friend said to me that it was also money issue restricting him from schooling. In my opinion, he could be a very good graphic designer if he ever got the opportunity. And his experience has reflected my own worries. Is it too late for me to go back to school? Is it too late to experience another academic culture?
Opportunities rule!!!

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