Fate Is Speaking

Should I let nature take its course? How can I deny fate? Is fate telling me that mom’s days is numbered? Nobody wanna accept this fate but the fact awakes us, nobody can deny it.
Fate is speaking to me. Mom came home for one night. On that night, the washing machine was suddenly out of control. There was something wrong with the computerized program. However, on the next evening dad and I used it again, the machine seemed to function well.
Fate is speaking to me. On the night when mom’s back home, it rained heavily. It hadn’t rained for days and been dry like desert. Yet mom’s return brought in thunder and lightning. The weather became cooler the next day.
Fate is speaking to me. The closet door in my office was broken this morning when I was busy researching online about mom’s case.
I might be over-sensitive but I know fate is speaking to me. Fate is telling me that mom’s health is in danger and incurable. I have never seen dad been so heartbroken and sorry. Gosh, what the hell is this fate for my family? Have we done something wrong? Have we not been good people and this fate is the punishment for us?
Fate is speaking to me over and over through different forms. If I could change something like almighty God… 

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