Being included

For years, I have been thinking of myself as an "ugly duckling"–so unpopular and isolated in my contemporary.
For years, I have not been able to speak to my dad directly about my feeling.
For years, families and friends have believed that I am a tough and introversive kid who is not easy to share my secret.
One day, I got a card from the Clark family. I was touched because I was in the sender’s thought as a family.
Another day, I chatted with the Hendrix family. I was touched because I was told no matter how far we are, our hearts connect and our minds bond together. We don’t talk to each other every day but if we do meet online, we will chat for hours.
Today, I received an e-mail from the Zeitlin family. I was touched, too. Because in the e-mail, it said "you’re much included."
I wanna say, family is the origin of faith and the power of resolution. Being included in a family means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return. I deeply feel so in my mom’s scary bout of cancer. Nothing I can do than show my affection and care to mom. I pray for her day and night, hoping her life will be happy and complete, no pain and no regret.
God bless to those who include me in their family. Amen!

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