A Special Evening

It took me a while to update this entry. I guess it’s probably because I am not familiar with the certain words that fit in the description of a formal reception. I was invited to take part in a welcome dinner at the American consul general’s residence on Sunday. It was so official and solemn that I didn’t know what to wear and what kind of etiquette I ought to pose. Well, I sort of did it ok but not great. It was the first time that I was invited to attend such a posh occasion, to be so close to meet some big wheels in the US government like the American ambassador to China, under secretary of the States in Bush’s administration, Ms. Karen Hughes and the American diplomatic envoy Ms. Michelle Kwan, who was a five-time world champion of figure skating. (check our their websites below for detailed biog.) Just hearing these names has astonished me, let alone meeting them in person and having a brief face-to-face talk. Phew!!!
I am not sure if that was my only chance to be with distinguished government figures. On that night, I even had a chance to talk with the most "hard to get" people–one of the U.S. visa officers regarding to my friend’s immigration case. We Chinese are told that in order to get a visa to America, to please a U.S. visa officer (V.O.) is no different from making the emperor happy back in the dynastic times. (Very difficult) Somehow the guy I talked to was willing to answer my questions and give some legitimate advice. I would say, that was the longest time ever for me to talk with a V.O.. (of course the first time too!) Cuz in my mind, most V.O. are impatient to listen and explain. What they do in their routine is examine papers and draw crosses in the boxes without telling you WHY.
After the official reception, I had a long phone talk with my best friend from England. It was almost midnight but I didn’t feel it was that late. It’s weird though that I could tell on the phone my friend envied my life while I envied hers. Is this human’s vulnerbility? We are always looking for good and appreciate what others have. I know some of my friends really care about my life. I am very thankful to those who do. Had I have my multiple-use passport, I swear to God I would come to visit you in person. Alas!
At some point of my life I feel I am a bit at a loss. The major reason is I am kinda trapped. Friends all see me having a good life. Indeed, very stable one. When I get a chance to do my favorite activity–people watching on the bus, walking on the street or standing at the porch, I see people are busy running for their lives. Some are aggressive to grab every opportunity in front of them while some are passive. Well me, I belong to the pessimistic group.  
Anyway, mom is ok and I am spending as much time as possible with her. Gees, this is hard. Mostly, the feeling is hard to accept. God bless all, bless mom! 
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