I Won A Prize From Grammy

I was so surprised that I WON A PRIZE today!!!
It’s been ages I haven’t been so thrilled like today. I remember when I was little, I often tried to call the hotline number to the radio program, hoping to give the correct answer and get a prize. Wow, about a decade later I am doing the same thing! But this time I won the prize through MSN online chatting, a new way of communication.
Music Radio has been authorized to broadcast Grammy awards live for seven years. When I was still a high school student, I brought my walkman to class and listen to live show secretly in class. The live show always falls on Monday morning which is Sunday evening LA time. Now I am working, I am still listening to the program at work. But this time I am not listening to it secretly though. The show is fantastic. Every time when I watch awards on TV or listen to it on the radio, my heart would feel like being with the artists right at the scene. I am dreaming someday I can truly be there at the occasion in the US. (If only US became closer to me in reality.)
Another surprising thing happened was I was introduced to the Consul General in Guangzhou from Switzerland and his wife too. Just a pure chance! My dad and I showed around the antique market to a Malaysian reporter from South China Morning Post yesterday. She came along with two friends of hers–this Swiss couple. I wonder if I would have a chance to visit Switzerland because of this connection.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you will get.
                                             –Forrest Gump’s mom
That’s right. I’ll never know what I will get. The worst I have already got, and am facing it every day. The most exhilerating thing during these days should belong to this surprising prize from Grammy. It’s a whole package including Grammy exclusive CD and Madonna’s posters. Hooray!~~
When will I win a plane ticket to LA?  

2 thoughts on “I Won A Prize From Grammy

  1.  congratulations~~~~
     it seems that everything is going well around you. hope all the good things keep on happening to you 😉
     and wish ur mom a long and healthy life and ur family a happy chinese new year

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