Some Odds and Ends

Eventfully it arrives in March. Looking back, I cannot even remember what has happened, what I have done in the last couple of weeks. Today I’ve got a few moments for myself. I start to write…
It seems I have to borrow my time to live on. I have been devoting my time to mom, my family and my work–not much left for myself though in the past few months. This morning I opened this space and I asked myself, why in Feb I only accomplished two entries? Compared to one in every day in the past, the quantity of entries now fall far short.
My friend finds it intriguing when I tell the story of my childhood while I feel it nostalgic and somewhat sad. Yesterday I company my mom to join her workmate reunion–they have worked together for more than three decades. I am really amazed that this friendship still remains and has grown stronger. I could remember some of mom’s workmates for I used to have fun by myself in her workshop. From mom’s workmates I knew I was a very good girl–no cry but peacefully drawing or scribbling at the corner while mom was busy working.
Mom was a diligent worker at a state-own timber factory. She started to work at the factory since she was 15–one year earlier than the legal age. She was substitute for my grandpa who apparently had worked at the same factory for some years. I was told I was a mature little girl and grew bigger than my peers. I didn’t know that except remembering I loved bread so much that mom always got me bread instead of rice when I was little. Sounds like I lived a western style of life, haha.
Time has certainly changed people’s look. Mom’s friends are no longer young any more. Some of them have become grandparents. When I took pictures for them, I thought to myself, will mom be healthy enough to attend this annual reunion next year? I pray she will, and more to come.
Later the day, we went to mom’s aunt’s for a visit–a place I sorta like a lot as it’s a bit away from downtown, I can search the peace which is difficult to find in the city. To some extend, I respect my great aunt as my granny. She’s 74 but still very energic and pretty. She doesn’t really act like in her 70’s. She’s amiable, she’s knowledgable about tea and keeping a good life. I always think those who live in their 70’s are wise people. If they are not wise, they wouldn’t have lived so long. When I say they are wise, not only intellectually but psychologically, mentally, physically, socially and fortunally. Mom had a good time at her aunt’s. I felt good if she felt good.
March is right here. I gotta do something to make this month not that monotonous and trivial.

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