Cherry Blossoms for Uplifted Spirits

My family and I had an unusual weekend this week. Instead of staying indoors on most weekends, we all went to the Sunflower Garden to appreciate the cherry blossoms. It’s been my dad’s dream as he is such a fan of Japanese culture. Mom loves flowers–flowers can make her happier than words can describe.
It was an overcast day with incontinuous drizzles. But it didn’t spoil the visitors’ enthusiam to make a special trip for the cherry blossoms. I have been to the Garden before. Apparently, today’s service is not better than that in three years ago. Seeing throngs of people flooding into the Garden, mom’s first reaction was poor flowers were tragically damaged, lying on the ground to take the last breath in their lives. We followed the flow of people and found the cherry blossom fields easily. It’s not the most glorious moment for these flowers–quite a few of them have past their full bloom period. They were like countless stars lightened up the grave sky. Looking up those unreachable, we were all intoxicated. I said to dad, I especially liked those high up on the tree–nobody can reach them, or even hurt them. He agreed.
There are not only cherry blossoms in the garden but also lavender and sunflower. We walked out of the world of white and pink and entered into the one of purple and yellow. Green is everywhere–it was even more noticeable yesterday, perhaps it was because of St. Patrick’s Day. The air was extremely fresh after drizzles. If only the rain can wash off one’s troubles and bad luck. It was a great experience for us to be in the countryside, although visitors had left fairly large amount of garbage in the Garden. (Another terrible scene of the uncivilized Chinese tourists.) I had my first try of the lavender-flavered ice cream in the Garden.   
To make mom happy, dad took us to seafood market for dinner. We had a great dinner there. It seemed to be an ordinary family outing today. Yet it meant a lot to dad and me, particularly to mom, who is living on the verge of death. I sobbed out of control when I edited the photos. What sort of life dad will have to face without mom in the picture? How many out there in reality can live through those lonely days and nights as a widower?
Mom’s smiling face is a blooming sunflower. Mom’s laughter will forever on my mind…
God bless Mom!!!

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