Five-day Escapade

The word “escapade” was shown in an email from a friend of mine. Just out of the blue I had a very familiar feeling for it. I thought to myself, didn’t I just have my escapade in the past five days?
Could be. Mom and dad flew to Beijing for relaxation. Their Beijing escapade enabled me to do whatever I wanna do at my desire. It seems this moment has been far away from me for months, that I could sit down at ease in a Spanish restaurant, savoring the Spanish cuisines for the very first time; that I could take a thru-train to Hong Kong and watch a spetacular tango performance from Argentina; that I could meet my Yankee friends and show them around part of my city; and that I could go to museum and appreciate the sensation of modern art.
Gosh! Ever since knowing mom’s condition, I haven’t dreamed of achieving so many things in five days — totally be myself. Using my friends’ words, I got a break out of my 24/7 tension. Five-day escapade may be ephemeral yet it is certainly a very good excuse for myself to do something different.
Sometimes I really wonder if we survive for living or we live for survival. Anyway, it was great to explore the world in a time-limited  fashion. Just like when you are travelling, you can’t travel all but at lease you will visit one or two spots among the most visited.
Unforgettable five-day escapade!!!

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