First Update in May

Time flies, the calendar has turned to its fifth page and we are now in the middle of May. Early this Jan, I thought my mental world would be grief-ridden by this May because of mom. Yet, mom is still alive, in fact, living peacefully. Her frail body cannot determine her conscious mind.  
Today’s headline is–
KC turned on her email-box and found she had 10 unread message, among which is a spam sent in 1999.
Have you thought about receiving a friend’s email without reading it until a couple of years later? Well, in my case, the spam is unopen even when I notice it, I just simply delete the eight-year-old spam message. It’d be fun to write something to yourself and wait till 10 or 15 years later to read it. I doubt I would remember this very email written by myself and sent to myself. Haha:)  Well, I shall remember this little whimsey and add it into my future story book.
I really believe I will write a book someday in my life. I can’t say I will write more than one book, but my instinct tells me that I will work on one at least. Ummm…like last Sat. we took mom to have seafood dinner. She is a crab lover. My brand new experience was the restaurant had a power failure. All of a sudden, lights went out and A/Cs were off, leaving only darkness (actually it wasn’t that dark because it was still early evening.) People in the restaurant uttered a sigh almost at the same time. About 20 minutes later, the power went back on. And another loud unanimous sigh made in the crowd. It was totally out of surprise and joy. If I ever write a story, this scene should be captured as well.
Last week I was told one of the workmates is going to resign this week. Since I worked in this company, I have heard and seen people leaving and coming. Instead of feeling sentimental as last time for the editors who hired me and guided me to whom I am today, I feel happy and envious of my workmate this time. To some extend, she’s got back her freedom and can plan another satisfactory future.
When I am all by myself, I will fall into my meditation. I think I can live a life without working routinely, a life without the restriction of must-be-at-the-post, or else no insurances and salary. I am not quite a Bohemian but I would like to pursue the spirit of carpe diem, a disorginized life style and an artistic and creative philosophy of life.
Anyway, I am going to activate this space as often as possible. It will be no more excuse for leave-it-behind. Hope you will come back.

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