Disapointing Parent

It’s not the first time or not a new subject that my dad and I have disagreement against each other. I surmize dad is undergoing a cycle of mental depression. I am not sure but from what my friend told me about myself, somewhat reflecting what sort of a father I have.
Today’s headline is–
KC is going to solve out the problem between her father and her. Yet it may not success, judging from the past experience. At least, KC wanna obtain the purpose of communication with her dad. Let’s pray for her!
I am exhausted although I had a deep sleep last night. My body and mind are somewhat languished. I really don’t understand why dad would choose this moment to stress out everyone in the family, including himself. Has he become a guy so mean and hard to understand?
As a child, my biggest disappointment is I cannot erase the fear and melancholy away from mom. Dad, you really disappoint me!!!

2 thoughts on “Disapointing Parent

  1.  i got your messages. i am still ok here,not too bad…… just sometimes feel pretty frustrated about what i am doing now………..i know you will say that i am so lucky to be abroad. i do know how lucky i am. but sometimes i dont really know if i make the right decision to stay here. but i cant give up now, or say, i have to carry on. when you find out that you have devoted so many things into it, you have no choice but carry on even though you know how risky it is or it will be.

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