Attempt to Look for Job

We accompanied mom to see the doctor yesterday. Then we went to the seafood restaurant–mom loves crabs. After all these sad moments happened lately, I was happy to see that mom can still find something she liked to eat. Our family friend and I talked to the doctor in private. The doctor said mom’s condition now is better than the first time he met her, but he reminded us that her illness would worsen. I am aware of that, in fact I am living in panic every day. I see mom every day, cheering her up but at the back of my mind I know mom will leave me in no time. SAD.
Today’s headline is —
KC is tempted to look for a job that bores her to death. Why? So she can have more time doing her creative writing self-training project, and take care of her dear mother.
I have been working at the same job for almost two years since my graduation. It’s time to turn to a new page. I know I cannot be like some rich kids who realize their dreams overseas, and who have such a substantial financial background. At this moment, I just want to change my working enviroment. Ironically, Alice, the deputy editor in chief, came to me today just for one very article — When Nixon Met Elvis. She told me that she could not get the joke or meaning of the article. I explained to her and she insisted she didn’t think the article was interesting. Gosh, as my best friend said, she’s really not that sharp. I don’t think my other articles are fully appreciated either.
After working in the publication field in Canton, which claimed to have the "free" climate for freedom of speech, I grasped a number of DO’s and DONT’s though. If you ask me whether I like my job now, I would tell you YES and NO. I can’t wait to get out of here and take in some fresher breath. I hope I can look for jobs which are unrelated to publication, say an assitance of some consulates or press office. 
Well, another downer is I just broke up with my good friend lately. The break-up feeling sucks! If I don’t turn to my friend, who else I should turn to? Right, only myself. God helps those who help themselves. I roughly counted I may have to give myself another two years to adjust a new working enviroment. By that time, I will be 26-7, an age very critical to Chinese female, as the visa officer would suspect you marry somewhere else instead of returning to your home country. That means, I have no chance to go abroad, but only hoping my financial circumstance would leap and provided me to live in a middle-class level as a city dweller.
Gees, no people connection with the society could really harm one’s life. But I really don’t have anyone whom can help to depend on, in fact, there is one. But my best friend can’t help much except to be a good listener. I don’t envy anyone who is living abroad, either studying or working now. To me, it is only others’ life but not mine. My fate will lead me eventually to where I should belong, I hope.
Looking for a new job–go for it! For the sake of a better single life.

2 thoughts on “Attempt to Look for Job

  1. Thanks for your reminder! I try not to push myself too hard. It doesn\’t matter if it\’s a guy or a girl, just the break up feeling is terrible. I once thought I would lose contact with you too after our graduation. Yet, we haven\’t. 🙂 You know me, I don\’t have many friends that can really know my business and concern about it. You are one of the few. Whatever hardship you are undergoing overseas, I hope you will be positive to face it and grab the chance instead of being hesitated for too long. Time won\’t wait, just like my mom\’s case. If I miss the chance to be with her, I will lose the chance forever.

  2.  u broke up with your good friend? is it a he or a she ar? hehe…….
     i believe ur mom\’s gonna be ok!!! good people deserve good life.
     and dont push yourself too hard (this is also the same sentence that my friends always say to me,although sometimes i know it does with the personality)

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