Job Seeking Follow-up

I did briefly research for a prospective job online, yet, disappointingly, most vacancies are in Beijing, Shanghai or Chongqing. If I could leave my family now, I would’ve done something else rather than staying at my old job.
Well, who can tell me what to do? I confess I don’t think I can find another better job as relaxing as the one I am working now. I can control my time, which is a good thing for imaginative me. Right? Practise makes perfect. I should start writing now, hoping something good will come out of my mind.
Today’s headline is–
KC is searching for herself, her real self…
When you lose your stand, your insight and your goal, you are nobody. I don’t want to be nobody, I want to be recognized, I want to be self-fulfilled. Most importantly, I want to enjoy life, no matter in the world of my own or in the world of sharing. I remember when I was younger, I heard a saying that the fish mother would eat up her children so as to protect them from getting harm by their natural enemy. That’s a way of love from Mother Nature. Somehow I said to myself, I might do the same thing to my mom rather than seeing her suffering from illness. When I watched TV drama, a common scene was shown that someone flew over his/her beloved to block away the bullet, the consequence, as apparent as it was, the person who was supposed to be shot was saved while the one who protected this person was shot to death, I used to say how stupid the victim was to sacrifice his/her own life for another. I didn’t believe I would have guts to do so if I faced such a fatal situation. But now I have a better understanding of the motive and the act. I could feel my love for mom was surging from head to toe. I can and I will do such a sacrifice for mom. Indeed, if you love someone so deeply, you will do everything for the person you love unconditionally. 
I believe mom will do the same thing for me, dad too, and perhaps my future Mr. Right. Haha. Who knows, it might be my Beethoven-Andrew. 🙂 At the age of 24, I am still a bit embarrased to talk about my rites of passage with my parents. Let me put it in this way, let me see who will come to my life first — a saint bernard or a human being? LOL

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