Rainy Saturday

After five-time power failure over one night, this Saturday is a rainy, humid and cool day. It was one of our discussion topics a couple nights ago that people in the cities now are powerless to precaution blackout. They are spoiled by modern facilities. In the summer, they cannot stand the heat and turn on the a/c much earlier than before. In the past, when a blackout happened, people would chat with their neighbors, listen to radio with batteries, or even play cards to kill the time. But in the 21st century, they no longer play such games, they complain, and they feel at loss. Most of them even feel bored to death. Time has changed, so has people’s forms of pastime. Instead of socializing with their family or neighbors, a high precentage of people would choose watching TV or surfing the web to spend the night. And heat has become unbearable. Without a/c, city dwellers cannot sleep. What a vulnerable species!
The rain has cooled off the heat. My plan to have morning tea and shopping isn’t spoiled by the weather. I still do as many things as planned on this rainy Saturday. The rain seems to be a message from heaven. Mom agreed as we walked out from the temple. It’s been a while I haven’t had such a fulfilling weekend with mom. She is amazing. She is great. And she is beautiful. I love her from the bottom of my heart. When walking with her on the street, I feel like her body guard. She used to hold my hand and make sure I wouldn’t step into the puddles. Now I am grown up. It’s my turn to do the same thing for her.
On this Saturday, I unusually checked other pals’ spaces. Probably everyone has the same quirk to spy on others’ life. Suddenly the spaces from others’ become interesting to me. I start to picture what would happen if I was in other people’s life. My BBF just sent me an email, telling me she was sent to Brussels on a business trip. Jeepers, I must be thrilled if only that was me. I start to look around, both people and things. They are changing–a factory near my home is torned down today; the people I know today will be different on another day. I don’t know if I am changing too. I guess I must have as my friend said to me last night, "Sorry I cannot reach you anymore." I felt bad in the first place but I get to understand that it’s my nature, I am a profound human being. Right! I am profound. So the fact that my friend can’t reach me is normal. I don’t need to feel sad about it. Just because I am unique, abnormal, different from ordinary, that’s why until now I still haven’t exactly found an extraordinary friend who can understand me completely and give me support.
A rainy Saturday is peaceful. The lightning has waken my soul and the rain has cleansed my body. I’d like to be the daffodil as what William Wordsworth described–"I wandered lonely as a cloud…when on my couch I lie, in vacant of in pensive mood, they flash upon that inward eye, which is the bliss of solitude."

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