Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day!!!
Another 12 years passes by…The last Children’s Day I had was at the age of 12. Time never waits, doesn’t it? Alas, all of a sudden, how much I miss my childhood!!! At least at that time, mom and dad were here with me to celebrate. I was at a horrible moment last night again. I cried for mom, scared to hell that she would leave me in no time. My pillows were damp again, and stuffed animal was tightly gripped. It was once again my only soul mate to hold on.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to start a new entry in May to update my current news. Exactly! I am writing the first entry of June. I am going to announce I have made a decision to move my cheese. In the past few days, I was considering our deputy editor-in-chief (DEIC)’s offer, which is changing my position to another magazine, Crazy English Speaker. I hesitated and said NO for the first time, simply out of pity on Crazy English Teens, in which has my favorite travel column. But this time, the DEIC offered me the chance again. Will I miss the boat? I pondered, will this new position do me good? Coincidentally, I bumped into my former boss who was my interviewer to this job. He talked to me with lots of insights. I gotta thank him for helping me think out of the box. With his words, I am more resolute to give a go in the Spearker magazine.
Of course, everything has its pro and con. As my BBF said, it will be a good turning point for me to work with a new team before resigning my job. Plus the circumstance of my mom’s condition doesn’t allow me to be too adventurous. That’s true–my greatest hope is to do further study at my favorite subject. And my best wish is in a long run, some point on the path of my life, I will come across Beethoven-Andrew and my little cozy home. However, before all these things happen, I have to make a living to support myself as well as my family.
I said to my BBF the position which I am going to fill has already seated by two people. I am not sure if this is God’s will. Maybe HE is making decision for me–just like those two people who have quitted the job, they had worked at that position before. I also said to my BBF, after talking with my ex-boss, I felt like I am under watch by people who are no longer working for the company. However, I am happy to know that at least one of my potentials is appreciated.
Two workmates who have taken a-week’s leave to travel have inspired me to follow suit. I wish I could get a break to go somewhere, anywhere that is quiet and natural. I think, someday when my mom really leaves me for good, I will tell myself she’s still alive, she’s somewhere in the planet and watching me grow as a guardian angel. I beleve so, I believe she will. Some people have to be separate apart from their families for years, or even for a whole lifetime. That’s no different from their family have departed. And if I cannot see my mom or dad again, I will tell myself they are still there, alive and living happily. I wonder if I can still say such thing so calmly at the funeral. God bless, my mom and dad too. Amen!

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